The Other Nine Planets Are Next

by Venus Euphoric

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released March 13, 2004

All songs written by Ve as one.
Ve is Matt, Brad, and Charles G.
Recorded at Blue Boots Studio, Wallsburg, UT, 2002-2003.
Produced by Matthew Humes and Ve.
Photography and art design by Brad Evans.
Ve thanks friends and family, and all who have helped and supported over the years.


all rights reserved



Venus Euphoric Salt Lake City, Utah

Venus Euphoric is a band from Wallsburg, UT, formed around 1997. Its members are Matt Humes (drums, etc.), Brad Evans (bass, etc.), and Charles Humes (guitar, etc.). They have two albums under their belts, and are currently recording a third.

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Track Name: Motor Oil
She's a fallen star, a windsock, a retrograde
She's a broken car rolled up all along the bank
She's a storm cloud on a shady afternoon
She's the deepest end in a pool in all of June

She's a better time

She's a cancer girl, not saturnine, not fallen lame
She's a pretty thing all wrapped up in cellophane
She's a cover, she's a lover, she's a cover girl
She's a moonlit drive, a deep song, a better life

She's a better time
Track Name: Pisces Dream
For a joke she holds the key to a slug inside her mind
Her head expels the data store there right into my eyes
I rush her from the barrier of contaminants to peace
A picture is worth a thousand words, if only she could speak

The soul resides
Not in the light
She is now blind
This changed her mind

Beneath a fibre optic headlight a man in green can see
A perforated, disturbing vision of what I can't see
One last chance is all she needs
Undisturbed between the sheets
She's done this to herself and me

Her soul now dives
Into the light
Far behind
Her former mind

I sit in this room for her
She thinks this is all a dream
And she's killed me

A soul implies
Behind those eyes
There can lie
Another mind
Track Name: Reverie
High up into space of mind
Beyond the realization of fear of death
Drive from the dark sounds
Behind the given moment of impact

You never knew how the glass felt
Until you flew through the border
You never strapped into the cage
Beyond repair

And for a moment can kill you
Beyond pylons and grass not a normal hue
Lie a twisted mess
And pain would be more prominent
Except for the demons in your plasma

Never blue as the glass felt
Now you can taste your own mind
A sound from the coffin
Can shed no light

And you fly high into the night
On a rotor of care or despair
Don't give into the impetus
Of lasting warmth and slumber

Tubes of coloured liquid
In a vast array of smells
Life within a bubble
Please just be a dream

And she was so loving
Track Name: Eucalyptic
A leaf falls to the ground
As she runs home alone
Her fabric plays now
Ripped and torn out behind the shed
An impulse of suicide rushes through her head

You've taken and broken
And destroyed long enough
She shouldn't be given
This chance to feel your love

And now she thinks
That no one would want to understand
An impulse of suicide rushes through her hands

This black, metallic
Blunt object sings to her
"Use me, abuse me
And pull back my trigger"

She fires into golden waves
Just beyond her view
And this night who killed whom
Is no one but you
Track Name: Overkill
Hear these vacant lies and hollow words
Machine talk, a mockery of life
And I have condemned myself to burn
I know that I'll break you once again
Tears that fall never hit the ground
Caught up in a web of my own lies
Now it seems that I'm that evil one
That same *^&%#$ that we'd feared all along

She had no one to run from but me
Now she's looking for someone
The ground rushes up to meet me now

Cords that bind snapping with the weight
The blood flows from all the opened scars
Hide your face lest I strike again
In orbit I shall cause no pain to you

She had no one to run from but me
Now she's looking for someone
The stars beyond embrace me as I fly
Track Name: Detromi
I know you're out there
It's been so long now
If I could reach you
I know that I could change your mind
I know you're in here
But I don't know where
Things keep repeating
And I can't tell the end from the beginning

I know you're out there
Somewhere past Norfair
If I could see you
If I could smell you
Maybe this whole thing
Would have some meaning
But it's a red door
And so I'm stuck here

Now as I ride up
This elavator
I stand and wonder
If it's the landing where you're standing there
The door now opens
I feel my heart beat
But it's for nothing
I've entered Ridley's Lair, to my despair

I know you're out there
Somewhere past Norfair
But still your freeze ray
Has left me stranded
I know you're out there
Out in the cool night air
But it's too far now
My tanks are empty
Track Name: Sleeper
The horizon comes towards me
Still driving
The wind blows in my ears
Semantic overdriven
I'm never coming down
Nothing but road ahead

No remorse and no regret
I'm finished here
I'm finished begging you
You couldn't keep me here
Gaze through the cracked windshield
Into the setting sun

I'm looking backwards
And choking harshly
Her mind was changing
Drop a shroud right over me
Waves of sand and
Can grant a riot
In a haze I drift away
My solace is a broken
Soulless token
Of what I've seen
In the time of tears

It's too late
To change things
It's coming in too fast
Nothing but cliffs ahead
The sun flares in my eyes
Kissing the painted glass

Endemic to you
Track Name: Come into the Light
She said it's cold out
And I'm all alone
She says she's scared now
And she doesn't know
Forever after
She said she'd care
But now she can't cope
With the world she's on

And now it will all go on
And now it won't be long

"No matter what," she says
"I'm always free"
And I know I'll never be
What she needs me to be

Come into the light

Forever after
She said she'd dare
Now she's entered
My world so bright

And now it will all go on
And now it won't be long

"No matter what," she says
"We were meant to be"
And I know she's lying when she says
So sweetly to me

"I'll come into the light"

And now it will all go on
And now it won't be wrong

And I try so hard to show her
That it isn't me
It's a waste of breath, I know
She's blinded anyway
Now on this winter night
Let's try to make things right
Because we have all this time
To decide who's right
Track Name: Summer Snow
Miles above the July tumult
She hovers with no moon seen
A black curtain of raindrops
Unseen waves of noise

Deeper still she soars
A peaked column of rose
Clouds gather below
Send achtung again

She shuttles across an envoy of life
Within a glass dome of hum
The twinkling fades
To a murmur of grey

Deeper still she rests
And less involved in life
She sends her love again
On waves of pain

And she feels it
Hit the underbelly
Now and she falls

You don't know me
Her fiery three's
Give off a light
Enough to see the juices flow

She deems this
A deeper sign
In this find leave

You don't know me
Her fiery dreams
Give off a light
Enough to see the juices flow

Detach the drawstring
Destroy the whole thing
Leap from the left wing
Nine miles above me
Fall like a snowflake
Flash through the windscreen
Detach the drawstring
Destroy this whole thing

She's above perfection
This forward momentum
Fly away and fly away
Track Name: Pin Me
From what I recall
All you said was red
And inside was fire
From all I've seen
Don't you think that I
Want you to be a piece of me?

Based on that poem
Your thoughts in written state
Your deepest thoughts and words
Do not equivocate

Don't you think that I
Watch you touch your hair
And see you frown in hate
Of the little things that make you crazy
Those things you cannot change
You know they only serve to make me crazy

Don't avert your eyes
Because mine waver
You're my asylum
You make me whole inside
You make me whole
You're my psychoanalyst
I'm a psycho and I'm pissed
But I'm not, I'm not your crazy

Come on, baby
Just say maybe
Come on, baby
And pin me

I'm not gonna listen
I'm not gonna sit here
I'm not gonna take this
You're not allowed to fake this
With you I have treaded
With you I have felt this
With you I could die here
With you I will be

And don't tell me how
You wanted this to be
Because you're still a part of us
and you're still a part of me
Only to hear you say
"Let me in this be
And let me in this stay"
Come on baby
Just say maybe to me
And pin me crazy
But I'm not, I'm not your crazy
Track Name: Red Giant Lie
She said all of this won't add up in the end
Because you and I have never been the same
And I said I never thought this would all be at an end
And I think she said she thought about the same
Now the antimatter's charging up again
And I'll leave this yellow dirt and dust and wind
And I'll go back to Earth which wasn't my best friend
And I'll tell her here on Venus it must end

And if I can get back all right
I'll send a message to her tonight
Saying our sun will die
And that she should grant me this last time
And come to Earth to die
In the security between my arms

Now she's alone and to her we're all dead
And now she knows just how lonely space can be

She never made it, she never made it
And I'm to all went

It shouldn't have hurt that much
By now she would have been here between my arms

And now I'm alone and might as well be dead
And make me pay for my red giant lie

And now she's there standing at the door
White light floods the hall; she's been here before
This step has made her so alive...
She's more than i could be there now but...

"We had loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night"
I want to be there
I want to see her
I think I deserve
Just as much as you do too
But it's not fair
She won't be with anyone but me
And I know and feel the same
And now I know just how lonely she must be

Oh no, no, no, no, no....