The Problem With Re​-​Entry

by Venus Euphoric

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released March 3, 2008

Ve is Matt, Brad, and Char.
Written, produced, performed, tasted, loved, test-driven, disciplined, forgiven, vaccinated, and rocked repeatedly by Venus Euphoric as one (2007).
Recorded, mixed, mastered, etc. by Matthew Humes in Blue Boots Studio, Wallsburg, UT (2008).
Art direction, design, etc. by Brad Evans, with much thanks to Jonathan Higley and Carl Bennett. Photography by Brad Evans, Clayton Norlen, and Alphonse Stock.
Ve thanks families, friends, foes, co-conspirators, tolerators, well-wishers, good musicians, four- and six-stringed instruments, and Arthur Dent.
Jitters is a controversial and widely misunderstood phenomenon.


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Venus Euphoric Salt Lake City, Utah

Venus Euphoric is a band from Wallsburg, UT, formed around 1997. Its members are Matt Humes (drums, etc.), Brad Evans (bass, etc.), and Charles Humes (guitar, etc.). They have two albums under their belts, and are currently recording a third.

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Track Name: Nature Walk
Ferns and leave on vines
Underneath dark blue skies
Will hide us tonight
And grasses over toes
And our senses overloaded
Oh yeah, it's all right
And I'm hoping that you'd like this
To end with a good-night kiss this time
If you'd like

So, don't ask me where we'll go
All I know is we're here

We should sit down in the grass
With a tree against our backs and relax
Take our time
Fences pulled down low
Won't stop us on our road to arrive
Just in time
We should leave our socks and shoes
To wade out in the moonlit lake
Clear our minds

So, don't ask me where we'll go
All I know is we're gone
Then, now, forever

So, don't ask me when we'll go
All I know is we've locked ourselves
Here, alone, in the closet
With a ghost and a candle
Track Name: Return From Volans
C: Human you are, vegetable I am
B: Just because you're thinking in terms of man
C: My arms reach so high; you'll never understand just why
B: I'm so content here, and I could never leave
C: So you're okay now -- what about the rest of your life?
B: I will not let you pull me from this cloud

Maybe you should come down from your tree

C: It all seems so strange: this human point of view
B: I always get a headache closer to the ground
C: Maybe elevation is your medication
B: Maybe it would be better to finally come around

But you could fall to the ground

C: Hope for your kind is always running to you
B: Interesting conundrum, but try and help me out
C: I could light a fire underneath you to speed you up
B: Time could burn to embers...I'd be lost and never found
Track Name: Nothing You'll Miss
As soon as I start to write it
It will all disappear
As soon as I forget about it
It will all become so clear

Now has she learned that time lies
To your face about you
If she's recall then the dry eye would run
But she can't, so they won't

There's hope in my head
It's been thought left for dead
And we'll see

On her journey for her sanity
She can't salvage one memory
But there's something that remains

As soon as I start to write it
It will all disappear
As soon as we make our next more
They'll be there to erase us again

On my journey for my sanity
I can't salvage one memory
But there's something that remains

And how can you say this isn't vacation?
On cold train see ourselves in daylight
And all we need is room to breathe
To re-find you and me

On our journey for our sanity
We can't salvage one memory
But there's something
That's been hidden
Deep within
Without...without you

Out here we laugh, I know
I know you
As we make angels
In the snow
Track Name: Aliens Exist?
Although it took some time to admit
Nothing was getting any better
Transmissions sent and lifetimes spent
Time away from the wife and the kids
Every night spent numbering the stars
Pouring over star charts and radio waves
All for nothing

Transmitters and receivers shutting down
Sending the boys back to their families
Null and void and useless to us now:
The info of a million hopeful seekers
Giving up the search
The chances are too slim
Keep your eyes dead set upon the ground
It must not exist
Since intelligence hasn't answered us back

Now, why do you think that is?

Now all they'll find
Is remnants of someone who left
So keep both your eyes
Dead set upon the ground
And maybe we can escape with our lives

We're always looking for an easy way out
We always need what we've just thrown out
The human perception of past
We'll need what we're gonna throw out
So try and make it last

If we leave all they'll find
Is remnants of someone who left
If we keep all our eyes
Up off the ground
Then maybe we can escape with our lives
When they come
Track Name: Cementing Glass
A waking dream of sights and sounds
And whistles in the head
I wander through the streets in hopes
Of attaining peace there
No good
So I sit

Hang around all day
Just waiting for a change of pace
Just a taste

Cement and glass under a morning moon
The lights are on in the street
Awakening to the sound of birds
And the long line in to get some meat

Run away
For fog and haze
Will surely erase
All trace and tracks we've made

Now here I am, deep underground
Trains fly by, both in and out
And I see you on a ledge letting go
No, wait...It's me

Hang around all day
Just waiting for a change of pace
Just a taste of the chase
To make it okay
Track Name: Personality Prototype (or the end of the world)
I'll hold my ground
If you can hold on to yours
But is that enough?
Because it could get rough
If suddenly what we can't see
Leaves us with a vacuum for a lung

We'll hold our breath
If it's all pulled apart
And there's something else
Between stars and cells
All things will find their place
In time and in space
And expand until we freeze

We've shown by math and scope
That there is something more;
That there is something off
And there's nothing that we can say
And there's nothing that we can do
To buy ourselves release from truth
And expand until we freeze
Or implode until we burn, or explode

We should find someplace to hide
The phone and remote
Now is their time to shine
Oh, so bright
And all they say
Is so vague
Track Name: Timosis
It's all coming together
It's all been this way forever
Because time sits on nothing
And feel it baring down
To take this and make this
Exactly what you want

But it's a beautiful day
For messing around
For wasting our youth
For going nowhere like they say
Exactly what we want to do

It's already in motion
Like all rivers to the ocean
Time has these wings
Like a bird that flies away
And what you thought was
Tomorrow is yesterday

And no! No you don't
Make it last
Oh no, no you don't
Make it last
Track Name: What Else, Circle?
In the vast expanse ahead of me
I could find no pain
My world made so much sense to me
I'm numbed by all this change

How can we rise above it all?
What does that even mean?
Your language so bewilders me
But I can't deny what I've seen
What is this you're showing me?
What's happening to my brain?
Explain to me this "up and down"
So I can fly away

Now you know of
"Up, left, back, forward
Right, down, sideways"
Before, you could not fathom more
Than lines on a page
Now we know of past and future

"Wonder", "glory" are thy names
This world that I have found
Now that you have explained "up" to me
I don't want to come down

Don't make me go back from whence I came
I don't ever want to leave
Two can never be enough for me again
I have to find how far it goes